Oklahoma City Counseling Agency

Our Purpose

Our statement of intent will be to promote potential growth toward educating the mental and emotional youth and their families and reduce the increase in delinquency and child abuse through mentoring by counseling and providing community centered counseling programs and training seminars to schools, churches, organizations, professional and community outreach groups.


We are governed by a board of directors, which are citizens for various city locations in the state of Oklahoma. Each of the board members specializes in several areas and discipline throughout the community in Oklahoma. OCCA is dedicated to serving troubled youth and their families at the local level. We believe that the youth in Oklahoma deserve a chance to become more responsible adults. 

Oklahoma City Counseling Agency Mission Statement

Our mission will be to develop an innovative responsible, cost effective and high quality of behavioral health care served for all Oklahomans such as children, adolescents, adults, senior citizens and families within the communities around all surrounding city areas At Oklahoma City Counseling Agency we believe in this philosophy to be our solution planning, development, coordinating. The goal at Oklahoma City Counseling Agency will be to provide world-class quality service to all involved. We will provide potential education, counseling, and mentoring services.